Thermal Benefits of Painting a Tile Roof White

Opting to have a tile roof can provide any kind of house a unique sense of appeal. But aside from its aesthetic benefits, a tile roof could also provide a lot of function.

Beauty and Aesthetics

Tile roofs are easy to upgrade and modify to suit different purposes. With or without further modifications, tile roof can provide a distinct beauty that is just its own. But of course, a little adjustment could always make the better be the best.

You have probably heard about the different techniques by which you can adjust the temperature of your house through roofing materials. Aside from opting to use tile roof, you could also improve the temperature of your house by painting your tile roof white.

Environmental Implications

There have been a lot of trends towards understanding global warming and climate change. Even government leaders take on different roles in making the world a better place to live in spite of the said circumstances.

This gave way to further studies on the thermal benefits of painting tile roof white. Generally, an effective roofing system must have a high-solar reflectance capacity. There is no need to get lost with the term as high-solar reflectance only means that your roof is able to bounce back wavelengths from the sun. These may include visible, ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. The said feature could make your house stand still on an advantageous position. If wavelengths are regularly bounced back to the sun, less heat would seep inside your house.


There have been a lot of experts who have vouched for the effectiveness of this kind of tile roof. As a matter of fact, US Secretary of Energy and Nobel-prize winning scientist Steven Chu has advocated for the painting of roofs white. The scientist have said that painting roofs white will help reduce global warming as it aids in the conservation of energy.

Painting your tile roof white would make you see all the difference. You‘ll eventually find that there seems to be less hot air trapped inside your home. This is because the heat emitted by your appliances or other similar indoor gadgets are not sustained or trapped inside your house. They are easily release out to your roof. Painting your tile roof with a black shade will trap heat inside your house. Aside from this, the color would also easily absorb the heat coming from the sun.

When considering painting your tile roof white, have a good look at your roof first. Check for repairs needing to be conducted. Determine your budget and canvass painting materials such as roof paint primer and tile roofing paint. Read articles on tile roofing paint so you would know the best strategy in painting your roof white. Ask for tile roof paint that is very much fit for reflecting the sun’s rays. Once you have settled everything that you need, check out the weather forecast for the coming days. Remember that it is best to paint your tile roof white when it is sunny.