Things to Avoid When Installing Corbels and Brackets

Corbels and brackets are essentially the same, except that corbels are brackets made from wood. Regular brackets are typically made out of metal. Corbels and brackets are used not only for support, but also as decoration. There are some things to avoid when installing corbels and brackets. Some of these are listed below.

Improper Installation

There are several ways in which corbels and brackets can be installed in the home, from using construction adhesive to nails. Avoid using adhesives when installing corbels and brackets. This is especially the case when dealing with metal brackets.

Installing in the Wrong Place

Wood corbels are accent pieces that add to the décor, and they are meant to be seen. Metal brackets are meant to be hidden, so they should be used inside of cabinets, under shelves, or under countertops.

Improper Installation of Loadbearing Brackets

If your corbels and brackets are meant to bear weight, then you will want to make sure they are properly hung. If they are meant for decorative accents, then it will not matter. Make sure the corbels and brackets are installed through studs or thick wood. Use screws to increase the load they can handle.

Improper Measurement

Even though corbels and bracket installation seems simple, it is important to measure the area where they will be installed.