Things to Avoid with a Wooden Playhouse

A wooden playhouse should be a fun and safe place for your kids to play. A playhouse can become dangerous though if certain precautions aren’t taken in to account. Here are some things you want to avoid with your child’s playhouse.

Used Playhouses

Buying or renovating a used playhouse is an inexpensive way to give your child a great place to explore their imagination. A used playhouse may not be the sturdiest structure though. Before you purchase a used playhouse you will want to inspect it and make certain that the structure will stand up and is safe. You also want to make sure the playhouse will withstand transport if you need to move it.

Substandard Material

It may seem more affordable to purchase cheap materials for your playhouse. Cheap wood can splinter and crack more than a better grade wood can. This can cause injuries to the children using the playhouse. The same goes for all hardware you use, windows, doors, etc. It’s better to spend a little extra money in the beginning for a better grade material to avoid it falling apart or causing injuries later.

Building a playhouse will give your children something to get excited about. If done properly it can provide safe and enjoyable fun for years to come.