Things to Consider Before Buying a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner

Packaged terminal air conditioners are the kind of air conditioning units you will most likely see in a hotel or apartment building. These air conditioners are most commonly designed to heat or cool single rooms. When it comes to packaged terminal air conditioners there are some advantages, as well as disadvantages. This guide will illuminate the pros and cons.

Consider the Different Sizes

When it comes to deciding whether or not to purchase a packaged terminal air conditioner, your number one goal is deciding if the unit is large enough to sufficiently heat or cool the place you wish to install the air conditioner. The advantages to installing packaged terminal air conditioners in more than one room of your house are outstanding. With this set up you can choose different temperatures for each area of your house. If you wanted your bedroom 10 degrees cooler than your living room it is completely possible if you have more than one system installed in your home. This also saves on the electricity bill because you can choose to only heat or cool the specific room you are in as opposed to the entire house, as you would with central heating and air. If you’ve got the initial investment to buy multiple packaged terminal air conditioners then you’ll eventually save money in the long run by using them wisely and only in the room you are in.

Cost Effective

Another advantage to packaged terminal air conditioners is that it’s cheaper to purchase, install and run them than it would be to use central air or heat. Plus, the only space it takes up is a literal hole in the wall whereas central air requires advanced electronic work, the installation of ducts and possibly even a control room. If you’re looking for a system offering many different control zones, such as a hotel, packaged terminal air conditioners are the way to go. Setting up central air for this amount of personal customization is just not possible or practical. When it comes to cost the only thing cheaper is a window mounted air conditioner, in most cases, and they work but not nearly as well as packaged terminal air conditioners, especially on a large scale.

Hopefully now you see some of the advantages and disadvantages to purchasing a packaged terminal air conditioner. While these units are not right for everybody, they work great for those in the right situation to take full advantage of them.