Three Bizarre Pantry Accessories To Try

There are some useful but odd pantry accessories that may help you save space and eliminate clutter in your pantry. These accessories can help you organize every square inch of space in the pantry.

Dry Food Dispensers

These appliances are perfect for storing cereal, rice and other food items that are sold in bulk and take up valuable space in your pantry. They keep the food in one tidy location and it can be dispensed right from the storage container without ever having to pour. These are perfect if you keep several different flavors of cereal in the house, and locking lids ensure that the contents stay fresher longer.

Grocery Bag Holder and Dispenser

If you save plastic or paper grocery bags to reuse, you know that a pile of bags can look cluttered. The grocery bag holder stores them all in one handy, compact location, and a dispenser allows you to grab one whenever you need it. Reuse grocery bags to line small trash cans, take lunch to work or protect wet or dirty clothes.

Pot Lid Holder

A pot lid holder will let you keep all of the lids to your pots in one location. Instead of haphazardly shoving them in a cabinet , give each lid an individual slot that fits its size. This will make your cabinets look less cluttered and allow you to find the correct lids easily.