Three Feng Shui Methods: Choosing the Right One for You

The ancient art of Feng Shui, adapted by the Western world, are a way to bring harmony and peace to your living and work space. Feng Shui, however, is not that easy to understand at first glance. There are several different schools or methods of Feng Shui to choose from. We will explore three Feng Shui methods to help you understand them better and choose the one that is right for you.

The Bagua Map

The most common Feng Shui method is the bagua map. The bagua map is used to evaluate your living or working space and to help you harmonize the space and the elements in it. Bagua literally means "eight areas." The original bagua method is an octagonal map that uses a compass and can be quite complicated. However, the Western version of the bagua map is a simple 3x3 square pattern with the 8 elements of the bagua. The top three squares of the bagua from left to right are Wealth/Prosperity, Fame/Reputation, and Relationships/Love. The second set of squares are, again from left to right, Family and Health, Center, and Creativity and Children. The bottom row of the bagua map is Knowledge and Skills, Career, and Helpful People and Travel.

You can either go on-line and get a printable bagua map or make your own using the above information. Once you have a printed bagua map, you also need a floor plan of your home, room, or space you wish to Feng Shui. Lay your floor plan on a flat surface and then lay the bagua map on top of it with the bottom center square (Career) at the front door or entrance of your home or space. Decide which element of the eight outer squares that you want to focus on.

If you want to focus on Wealth and Prosperity, go to the upper left corner of the bagua. Lift up the top left corner of the map and see which room or area you need to concentrate on for Wealth and Prosperity. The colors used are to increase Wealth and Prosperity in the Bagua map are purples, blues and reds, and the element is Wood. Using these colors and Wood elements in this area help to increase the chi (energy) of Wealth and Prosperity in this room or space. Each square on the bagua map has different colors and elements to enhance the chi of that aspect.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang symbolize perfect harmony. Even if they are separate, Yin and Yang still have an element of the other to balance it out. Yin represents the passive, calm, cool, and silent elements of life. Yin is the area for relaxing, resting, comfort and peace. Areas that you want to represent the Yin in your home are the bedroom and the bathroom. Yin colors that you want to include are blue, black, purple, and white.

Yang represents the energetic, loud, and warm elements in your life. Areas in your home to impose Yang elements are the kitchen, living rooms, and family rooms. Yang colors that you want to implement are yellow, orange, red, tan/beige, brown, mauve, lavender, and gold. Also remember that Yin and Yang are about perfect harmony so be sure to include a bit of Yang in your bedroom or Bathroom and a bit of Yin in your kitchen and family room. This can be done easily with throw pillows, accessories or accent pieces that add a splash of complimentary color to your room.

Five Elements

The Five Elements are instrumental in the Feng Shui methods. They use both elements and color to achieve positive chi. The 5 elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Fire represents passion and high energy and it’s colors include red, orange, strong yellow, purple and pink. Fire elements can be brought into a room with something as simple as a deep red candle. Earth represents nourishment, stability and protection in all relationships. It is also an element of Center, the middle square in the bagua, which also symbolizes Self. Colors for earth are light yellow and earthy sand colors.

Metal, in the Five Elements, represents clarity, efficiency and precision. The colors for metal are gray and white. The next element is water. Water represents ease, freshness, and abundance. The colors for water are blue and black. You can also bring in the element of water with a fountain, fish tank, or mirrors. The last element is Wood, which represents health and vitality. It brings in the elements of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. The colors for wood are, of course, brown and green. A way to bring the Wood element is through furniture or live plants.

You can use any of these Feng Shui methods individually or together. There are many more ways to use Feng Shui besides these. While there are things you can bring in to achieve a positive chi in your life and home, there are also things you should eliminate. A deeper study of Feng Shui is recommended.