Three Great Benefits of Laminate Floor Padding

Installing laminate floor padding is a great way to protect your floor and ensure its durability. If you have a laminate floor in your home, read the following information which highlights the benefits of laminate floor padding and how it can both protect and prevent damage from occurring in your floor. 

The Padding's Benefits

Laminate floor padding offers significant benefits for your laminate floors. You will benefit from installing the padding because it will provide:

  • Sound Muffling – Many laminate floors make loud, hollow sounds whenever they are walked upon. However, the padding can absorb the sound because it acts as a cushion between the laminate flooring and the sub-flooring of your home.
  • Moisture Protection – Some sub-floor materials are prone to accumulating moisture, which is particularly true for rock and concrete. The moisture can seep into the laminate floor’s core and warp it from the inside. Overall, the padding can shield the floor from sub-floor moisture by either keeping it out or absorbing it altogether.
  • Friction Prevention – Without the padding, the floor and the sub-floor run against one another. This wears out both layers and can translate into damage if left unchecked. The padding prevents the friction from occurring which gives your laminate flooring added protection in addition to durability.