Three Important Considerations When Choosing Gate Latch Hardware

Picking the right gate latch hardware is an important step when you are in the process of building a gate for your home. In order to find the best kind of latch for your gate, please read the information below as to what you should consider when choosing a latch for your gate.

Use of the Latch

When you are choosing a latch for your gate, be sure to keep in mind how the latch will function. Certain models are designed to hold the door shut while others give the option of securing the gate with a lock. Latches that only hold the door shut will have a magnetic clip or employ a simple sliding lock mechanism. If you'd like to lock your gate, you can find latches that allow you to attach a padlock or already have an advanced lock mechanism.

The Latch's Composition

If you are planning on using a metal gate latch, then it is important to find an option that is rust resistant. Aluminum is a good option since it is naturally rust resistant. If you'd prefer a different metal, like steel or copper, then it should have a rust resistant coating.

Safety Concerns

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a latch is the safety of your family members. If you have young children, you should consider opting for a gate latch that completely closes and cannot be pushed or pulled open. You will also want to place the latch high enough on gate in order to prevent your child from trying to reach it.