Three Most Popular Types of Imitation Brick Siding

Imitation brick siding for homes precedes the more-popular vinyl siding that is in use today. How closely it resembles actual brick depends on the exact type of material used for the siding panels. The three most popular types are asphalt brick siding, insulated brick siding, and veneer brick siding.

1. Asphalt Brick Siding

This was the first type manufactured, and it is still often used for garages and sheds to give them the actual texture of stone or brick. Before the development of vinyl and aluminum siding, it was used for residences on a regular basis. One common appearance is red-colored stamped brick patterns that look like actual brick from a distance. Another is a grey or tan stamped stone pattern.

2. Insulated Brick Siding

Insulated brick adds a layer of insulation fiber to the traditional structure of asphalt brick siding. This is often installed over an existing panel of wood siding that has proven to be too impractical to paint, whether economically or otherwise.

3. Veneer Brick Siding

Veneer brick siding is fashioned by fusing a thin layer of actual brick over panels of siding made from another material, usually vinyl, wood, or aluminum. It has the advantage of appearing to be much closer to real brick, though the brick veneer can crumble or chip over time, requiring regular maintenance and/or replacement over the years.