Three Ways of Making Wooden Signs

Creating wooden signs can have both practical and decorative applications. You can decorate the signs yourself and give them a style that you like. If you want, you can also sell the wooden signs you to earn some money. Make sure that you choose the appropriate type of wood and use finish methods that will not damage the wood.

You can decide to purchase pre-cut wooden pieces to use for your signs, or you can find the wood and cut it yourself. There are several types of wood you can choose from which will make sturdy wooden signs.

The best wood which you can select is the wood that comes from lime trees. It can be used for many purposes, from making household objects to weapons. You can even carve details in the wood if you want because lime wood is very strong. Other useful types of wood in this kind of woodwork include the maple and birch as well as the sycamore wood.

1. Making a Business Sign

One way of making a sign is by burning the letters or design onto the wood. You can use a metal rod with a heated tip to do this. Make sure that you have full control on the burn because if not, you may end up burning the wooden sign. If you want to use the burning method, your end result will be a beautiful rustic sign.

First of all, you need to carve an oval with a depth of 1 inch, and about 2 inches away from the edges. Burn the name of the business right in the center of the sign and then apply a pale honey stain on the inner area that you have carved. Apply a dark honey stain to the outer uncarved area of the wooden sign. Let the stain dry and apply some waterproof varnish.

2. Making a Kitchen Sign

To make a wooden sign for your kitchen, you'll need a thin piece of wood that has a smooth surface and an area of about 1 square foot. Decorate the sign by carving waves on the edges of the sign, then paint a rose or sunflower in all four corners. Write your desired words, e.g. "Mommy's Kitchen" on the sign with yellow paint. Draw a thin outline around the letters with black paint. Use white and blue paint to draw a ribbon acting as a link between the floral decorations. Wait until the paint dries completely and then apply a glossy varnish to the wooden sign.

3. Making a Welcome Sign

This wooden sign is easier to create than the previous two. If you have children, you can teach them to do it themselves. The shape of the wooden sign does not matter; it can be any shape you want. Use a sandpaper to make the edges smoother. Carefully trace some flowers and leaves on the sign, together with the word "Welcome" in its center.

Use light blue paint on the letters and fill the flowers with different colors to make the sign very colorful. Use green paint to fill the leaves and leave to dry at least overnight. As soon as it is dry, apply a clear varnish that will protect the sign from outside weather.