Three Ways To Decorate With Corn

Sweet, juicy corn on the cob is a staple for late summer meals. However, corn has other uses than just eating it. Corn can be used as fuel, to make gasoline and even decorate your home. Here are a few different ways to decorate with corn cobs.

Use Colorful Corn On Table Displays

Bring fall colors indoors with a vegetable display on your table. Corn comes in a few different varieties that include colors like orange, blue and red. Use a few stalks in the display as the center piece.

Hang From Door

Spruce up your door this fall season with a corn cob wreath. Use husks to make the outline of the wreath and add ribbons and corn cobs in the center. Use your imagination in the wreath design for a unique look to your front door.

Place Along Fence

Decorating for Halloween, harvest celebrations and family gatherings requires the use of every part of your home. Line your front fence with ears of corn. Peel back the husks a little and spread them out. Stick to the top of the fence with nails 2 to 3 in one spot. Use different colored corn stalks to add variety and color.