Tile Backsplash Ideas: 5 Design Ideas

Do you have backsplash ideas of your own? Then turn it into an eye-catching design and install it into your kitchen or anywhere in your home. Use your creativity and act on it to create a simply breathtaking project that you can consider your work of art. Backsplash can be made from exotic pieces, murals or mosaics, or plain tiles or tins.

Popular Materials for Kitchen Backsplash

The materials used for the backsplash are strong, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Mixing and matching these materials is possible depending on your preference. Usually the material used for backsplash matches with the countertop. There are five materials namely ceramic and porcelain tiles, metal and metal laminate, natural stone, solid surface, and glass.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in different colors, design, and surface that can be alternative for natural stone. Natural stones are available in unique patterns made from unusually fine materials and are very strong indeed. It gives your backsplash a different feel to it when you use natural stones and you may use different kind of stones such as granite, marble or limestone. Solid surface are also available in different colors, design and texture which is made from artificial materials and can also be an alternative to natural stone.

Metal and metal laminate are available in neutral colors and needs regularly maintenance to avoid the color from wearing off. Using this material will give your backsplash a sophisticated, modern yet simple appearance. Copper, zinc, tin, brass or nickel are some of the metals used. Lastly, the glass also gives your backsplash a modern look which can double as a picture frame for your wall.

1. The Simple Look

If you want to create a straightforward appearance for your backsplash then choose the same design as your countertop to achieve this look.

2. The Patterned Effect

For a more vibrant appearance choose tiles that are patterned. Mix and match these patterns to help you achieve the desired look. You may want to use square shape patterned tiles against a contrasting colored tile in checkerboard pattern.

3. A Mirror-like Effect

This design is effective for small rooms. To achieve this effect, use a mirrored backsplash or just a simple large pattern. Compliment the larger pattern with smaller tiles of the same pattern. This makes the room appear bigger and maintains the simplicity of the room.

4. A Brighter Look

If you need more light to reflect in your work surface, choose a light backsplash. Light tones and shiny surfaces produce a brighter area as it reflects the light effectively.

5. Mix n’ Match

This is a unique design that focuses more on the color. You just simply match the color and texture of the countertop, cabinets with your backsplash.