Tile Floors vs Marble Floors

Tile floors continue to stand out as a top choice for many homeowners. Tiles have long been utilized in construction because of their many benefits. However, many other materials also abound on the market. This has put many homeowners in a dilemma when deciding on the best material to use. The floor is a focal point of any room. You want to be certain that you have it constructed in the right way. Visual effect and functional value rate highly in selecting floor installations. Following is a comparison between tile floors and marble floors.

Pros of Tile Floors

Tiled floors offer a huge selection to choose from. Color, size, style, texture and shape are all more than adequately covered in tile varieties. You are bound to achieve whatever finished look you desire. Tiles can be laid out on both even and uneven surfaces. Tiles are affordable. They are much cheaper than marble. Installing tiles is not too complicated of a process. It is a project that any enthusiastic homeowner can undertake with satisfactory results. This will help you save on overall costs. It is easy to keep a tiled floor clean. They do not stain, which makes it easier to maintain a clean appearance. Tiles are allergen free and very hygienic.

Cons of Tile Floors

Tiles are cold on the feet. This is worse during cold weather seasons. You may want to lay some rugs or mats on the floor to reduce the cold. Breakages and chips are the norm with a tiled floor. This calls for repairs thus pushing up the budget. A tiled floor can be slippery when wet. Unattended spills can easily cause an accident. Tiles can also be noisy as they magnify whatever noise takes place on them.

Pros of Marble Floors

Marble is one of the hottest trends on the market for homeowners. If you want a gorgeous, classical and elegant finish for your floor, marble makes an excellent choice. A marble floor is extremely hard and more durable than tiles. Breaking, chipping and scratches are unlikely on a marble floor. The cold feel of marble is a welcome cooling effect especially during the hot summer months. It is extremely therapeutic when you experience some cooling right from the feet during unbearably hot weather.

Cons of Marble Floors

Marble is one of the most costly materials to use for flooring. Installation has to be done by a qualified professional because of the technical knowledge involved. Its hardness can pose a problem especially when crockery or glass is accidentally dropped. You can count on breakages there. Marble flooring is high maintenance. You need to polish it frequently to maintain that attractive glossy sheen. A marble floor feels very cold when walked upon barefoot. You’d have to get some house shoes or lay rugs on the floor to reduce the cold. However, a marble floor is not quite the type of floor you want covered. Rugs defuse the natural beauty of marble. If you prefer to walk around the house barefoot, the cold feel of marble may be a deterrent for you.