Tile Pool Deck: Pros and Cons

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A tile pool deck can provide you with a beautiful look and good functionality. Tile pool decks are very popular and can give you several benefits. However, there are also a few potential drawbacks associated with tile around a pool. Consider the following before you decide to install a tile pool deck.


One of the advantages of installing a tile pool deck is that you will be able to customize it to your liking. Tile is one of the most customizable types of flooring options. You can install it in many different patterns, designs, and colors. You can use tile medallions and many other decorative pieces to create a unique look.

Another advantage of tile around a pool deck is a nice texture. If you have small children who will be running around the pool, you need a material that has some grip to it so that no one will fall and get hurt when the deck is wet. There are several types of tiles that are rough and will not contribute to slipping.

Tile can also provide you with a very high-end look that is sought after in many areas. You can create a very elegant space by installing this type of tile around the outside of your pool deck.


One of the biggest disadvantages of using tile on your pool deck is the maintenance that will be involved. The grout in between the tiles can start looking bad after a certain amount of time. It will collect dirt and can even be stained if you spill something on it. Some grout will also change colors after it has been in the sun for a long time. Keeping the grout looking good can be a lot of work for homeowners.

Another disadvantage of a tile pool deck is that it will be fairly expensive to install. Tile is much more expensive than concrete or some of the other materials that you can use around the outside of your pool. In addition to the material itself, the labor is generally very expensive and takes a relatively long time to complete.

Another potential problem with tile is that it can break or crack. If you drop something heavy on the tile, there is a good chance that one of the tiles will be broken. Repairing tile is not easy, and unless you keep some spare pieces of the original tile, it will be extremely difficult to match exactly. This means that you may have to replace all of the tiles if you want it to look uniform.