Tiles: Bathroom Makeover Ideas

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One of the most used rooms of a home is the bathroom, which means there's a lot of traffic coming and going. Placing tiles in the bathroom is among the easiest ways to keep your bathroom looking great. Thanks to the wide world of tiles, there is a host of ways to update the bathroom for you and your family. Creating a beautiful new bathroom is quite often an easy and fun job for any homeowner. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Older showers that have seen better days can be transformed into bright places with new tiles. Get rid of ordinary white or basic blue tiles for more vibrant colors, including yellow, mauve, and greens. Call a professional about removing older tiles before choosing new colors and starting such a project.

Sink Areas

Another way to utilize tiles in a bathroom is to install them on sink counter tops. While some older homes might have Formica and simple white or beige tiles, try something new and exciting. Many tiles come in patterns and all sorts of colors. Add a great sink bowl, and you'll have a lovely new bathroom that everyone can enjoy.

Walls and Backsplashes

Try a lighter shade than you chose for the sink tops to use on the backsplashes. Some homeowners have opted to tile their entire bathroom instead of having painted walls. Hire a contractor or ask a professional how to go about making these changes.


Perhaps the all-around best flooring choice for any bathroom is tile. While wood can warp and carpet can become mildewed, tiles always maintain their sleek appearance. Keep in mind that if you have an entirely tiled bathroom floor, you might want to place a throw rug down because tiles are slick when wet. In cold months, tiles are cold to the touch.


Think about replacing your old bathtub or clawfoot tub for an all-tile tub. All-tile tubs can be built-in and are easy to maintain. They give a modern update quickly. Tiled tubs often resemble a Jacuzzi or hot tub; jets can be added to actually turn a bathroom tub into a luxurious places to soak.


A unique way to make any bathroom mirror stand out is by framing the mirror with tiles.

Regardless of how you choose to use tiles in your own bathroom, the final look will be a clean, sophisticated, and tuned-in style. Tiles also offer quick and easy bathroom maintenance.