Advice for Changing the Curtains in Your Mobile Home

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When purchasing a new mobile home, you may be tempted to change various fixtures or update the decorations inside. Curtains are a fundamental part of the interior that provide privacy alongside a decorative edge. Fitting is a simple affair. With a little creativity, you can add an attractive slant to a manufactured home.


Measure the length and width of the curtains correctly, so that the window can be covered effectively. A slight overhang should be allowed at the bottom of a window and any excess on the side fittings must promote a pleasant visual effect when the curtains are pulled together. Pin the curtains to size while they are in the hanging position in order to ensure a perfect fit. Remove them to sew any unsightly edges into place.

Colors and Materials

Using a complement of colors and materials can transform a modular home so that it promotes feelings of space, warmth, and varying shades of light. Reds and rusty colors are ideal in colder climates. They give a mobile home a summer glow. Light colors such as white, beige, and pastel yellow offer a feeling of openness in a confined environment. Greens bring a more natural element to a home.

Materials can offer a variety of textures that add depth and character to a window surround. Because mobile home windows tend to be smaller than those on a traditional home, it can be beneficial to experiment with materials until a suitable choice can be made.

Plastic Curtain Rails

Plastic curtain rails are easy to install. They require a screwdriver and some basic drilling for fitting. Curtain rails are easy to manipulate and allow easy access so that regular changes can be made. Always allow approximately 6-inches of additional track on either side of the window so that hanging curtains do not obstruct daylight when they are pulled back during the day.

Curtain Clips

Curtain clips are inexpensive and can be bought in packs by the dozen. Most curtains come with stitching sewn into the top edge on the rear of the curtains. That allows the clips to fit snugly into the stitching and subsequently onto curtain rings or rails. Always use a large number of clips because the more that are added, the more flexible the curtains will be. It will improve the overall aesthetic of the curtains and prevent any sagging on the top edge.

Curtain Poles and Rings

Curtain poles provide an attractive alternative to plastic rails. They are available in different materials including wood and decorative metals. Installation requires little more than a screwdriver and a drill and once in place. They offer a classy touch that can be complemented by matching curtain rings. When curtains are attached to the rings using plastic clips, they provide an easy method of access and usage.

Curtain Ropes

Curtain ropes are purchased to tie the curtains and hold them away from the window during the daytime. Elaborate fittings are also available for hooking the ropes and these can be an attractive addition to a mobile home.