Tips and Ideas for Bunk Beds

When designing your children’s room, examine some tips and ideas for bunk beds. There are a ton of ideas you can use employing a bunk bed even if for one child alone.

Shapes and Configurations

Bunk beds come in different shapes and configurations including corner units that can sleep four individuals with an up and down span along each wall. Other configurations include loft-style bunk beds with a single sleeping platform at the top. The under space is used for storage or a student desk. Some beds are designed so the bottom platform acts as a daytime futon many come with draping that can hide the upper platform when it is not in use. Some beds have an elongated configuration that allows for the inclusion of built in chest of drawers.

Others employ storage space under the platform that can easily be accessed. A popular design is a trundle like bunk bed where the bottom area is used to hold another bed that can be moved out on wheels. During the daytime it can be trundled in providing more floor space. Also consider when use of the bunk bed no longer suits your growing child by purchasing a stackable bunk bed which is really two twin beds one on top of the other. When your kids outgrow the bunk bed theme, most likely the top platform occupant, the beds can become both on the floor units.

Decorate with Personality

Many modern bunk beds are constructed along a variety of theme lines like sports, animals, cars and other things children enjoy. Using a bunk bed that has a well-defined them can act as a focal point for the entire room design. Woods and metal beds can display a personal color choice as well. This can also dictate a continuous theme about the room for other items like dressers, lamps, wall and trim color as well as shelves and wall hangings. Wooden bunk bed frames can be carved with personal accents like a name.  

Use your imagination when looking to spruce up the look of your bunk beds. Children like different things. Consider glow-in-the-dark reflective tape on ladder rungs or fluorescent tire tracks or animal tracks leading across the floor to the bunk bed. Not only will these present an unusual accent in design but can act as nighttime guides back to the safe and secure warmth of a bed after a midnight bathroom run. Personalized accents can also be installed on frame posts that might have been an arts and crafts project created by the kids. Install washable marker boards on the wall next to the bunk beds for doodling and drawing. Another great idea is to create a tent-like cover for the bunk bed making it a secret fortress for imaginative play.