Advice on Using a Floor Grinder

concrete floor

A floor grinder is the perfect tool for leveling concrete floors, polishing, and cleaning. Floor grinders employ horizontal discs which rotate to finish off rough surfaces and smooth rough edges. Diamond bits impregnated in a disk grind the floors to achieve the required level of shine.

If you are giving your house a facelift, you need to learn how to use a floor grinder. There are two types of floor grinders. They are either traditional large and bulky models or the newer, smaller handheld model. Both achieve the same result, but each requires different skills. Handheld models are generally used for worktops, while the traditional model is used for floors and patios.

Use of a Grinder

The function of a floor grinder is to remove a thin layer from the floor surface which you intend to polished. The grinder will also remove blemishes and minor stains. The number of polishes required for the final finish depends on the state of the floor.

Methods for Using the Grinder

Grinders can be used in both wet and dry conditions. The wet method uses water to cool down the diamond grits and expunge the dust. Water will serve as a lubricant, reducing friction and increasing the life of the polishing tools; however, it will leave quite a mess.

With the dry method, the machine polishes the floor while special containers within the grinder contain the dust. The best practice will be to combine the two processes. The dry method is to remove any imperfections, while the wet method is to obtain a mirror-like floor.

Preparing the Grinder

There are two types of wheel settings on the grinder. One is for transporting the tool, while the other is for the grinding. Move the grinder to your place of work and ensure that the right setting is set to start grinding.
Turn on the motor. At this stage, the polishing disks are not touching the floor. As you feel the machine reach its total revs per minute, set the grinder on the floor. Move the grinder from left to right.


Commence with the dry method. Move the machine from side to side, avoiding circular motions so that you do not make swirls the floor. Continue grinding until you attain a consistent floor level with all irregularities removed. Examine the blocks for even wear.

Replace the grinding blocks gradually. Primarily use a coarser grinding block and switch to finer ones later while polishing the floor. The latter will normally have 1800-grit to 350-grit. The higher the number, the smoother the surface.

WARNING: Don't forget to put on safety glasses and a face mask before you start grinding. You don't want dust getting into your eyes or lungs, especially if you're grinding away a floor covering that has plastic or toxic chemicals in it.

Finishing the Job

Move the grinder off the place you have just polished. Clean the machine, applying lots of water. If left to dry out, the polishing material will be difficult to clean. The next day, remove any fragments left on the ground. Clean the machine with pure water and a mop the floor to attain a perfect polish. Now that the job is completed, you will be amazed by how mirror-like the floor looks. You will certainly receive compliments on your work from your family and friends.