Tips for Acrylic Bathtub Alcove Installation

There are 2 types of acrylic bathtub alcove tubs: whirlpool tubs and the drop-in bathtubs. These tubs are larger than the regular bathtubs, and they are normally built in a frame enclosed by 3 walls. To enter the bath, you have to use the front. They are also known as apron tubs in reference to the front panel that is exposed. One advantage of a whirlpool alcove bathtub is that is can fit properly in a regular-sized bathroom. You can also easily remove the bath during upgrades or renovations. A drop-in alcove bath is more expensive than a whirlpool style. Follow the tips below when installing an acrylic alcove bathtub.

Measure the Size

To install a new acrylic alcove bathtub, you must first remove the old bathtub.Take the measurements of the existing alcove bathtub i.e. the depth, width and length. If the existing bathtub is not an alcove bathtub, then you do not need to measure it. Measure the enclosed area of the alcove, and take the measurements with you when you go to purchase or order your tub.

Do Not Scratch the Bathtub

To prevent scratches and dents on the new bathtub, you must place a cardboard on the floor where the tub will be installed.

Subfloor Conditions

The surface where the bathtub will be placed should be firm and level.

Above all, follow the manufacturer’s instructions in installing the bathtub. A drop-in alcove tub is often purchased with special instructions for its installation.