Tips for Applying Caulk around a Window Air Conditioner

Caulk can be used to seal unsightly gaps when installing window air conditioner. There are different types of caulks. Silicone and acrylic latex caulk are commonly used for repair or installation jobs around the home.

Ease of Use

Choose easy-to-use acrylic latex caulk when fixing a window air conditioner. It provides an easy-to-paint surface once the job is done, which helps to hide unsightly marks on the wall’s surface. This type of caulk is beneficial as it seals gaps where moisture can penetrate and cause damage to the wall.

Use Correct Caulk Tube Tip Size

The correct size of a caulk tube tip allows just the right amount of caulk to come out of the device. This makes the job easy and less messy. It also makes it easy when cleaning up after the job is done.

Prepare the Surface

Use a brush or dry rag to wipe of particles, old caulk, dirt or debris on the surface. If there is moisture, use a wet rag dipped in alcohol and leave the surface to dry.

How to Apply Caulk

Start by applying caulk bead quickly and evenly. Place a small but adequate amount of caulk on the crack or gap and smooth it using a finger. Do not put in too much caulk as it results in a mess and slows down the job.