Tips for Bow Thruster Maintenance

A bow thruster is something you commonly find on a boat. It is usually found mounted to the bow of a boat. It is used to make the boat move better over the water's surface. It allows the captain the ability to maneuver the boat from side to side. In addition, the bow thruster makes it much easier to dock a boat or a ship because it allows the captain to easily turn the vessel without using the main propulsion. The main propulsion, as compared to the bow thruster, will require some forward motion to turn the vessel or boat thereby making it much more difficult to get into the stock. Like everything else, the bow thruster must be properly maintained. Here are some tips to maintain your bow thruster.

Tip 1 - Keep the Battery Fully Charged

When your battery becomes uncharged or if your battery goes bad, it will damage the bow thruster. You need to make sure your battery is always fully charged. Check your battery at least twice a year, as the season starts and as the season winds down. It is always a good idea to put this on your calendar for the spring and fall months. You will want to take a battery tester and check the battery performance. If the battery is not holding a charge, replace it.

Tip 2 - Protect the Bow Thruster from Corrosion

The bow thruster is metal and is subject to corrosion. The conditions your boat is subject to favor corrosion. It is always helpful to have zinc drops or lubrication on hand. Apply a small amount of the zinc lubricant onto the bow thruster's drive leg. This will help to prevent corrosion. Lubricant should be applied at least 4 times a year. Add this to your regular maintenance schedule for your boat and bow thruster. Without proper lubrication, the drive leg will corrode and seize.

Tip 3 - Add New Brushes

This is a maintenance item that really only needs to be done every 2 to 4 years, depending on how much you use your boat or vessel. Purchase new brushes for your bow thurster motors at a local boating supply store. Change the brushes on the thruster motor every few years. This will increase the lifespan of your bow thruster.

Tip 4 - Check Fluids

Roughly 4 times a year you need to check the fluid in the hydraulic components of your bow thruster. In fact you not only should check, but you should drain all the existing fluid and replace the old fluid with new. You can purchase the fluids for the hydraulic components on your bow thruster at any boating supply store. Add this to your boat maintenance schedule. It is sometimes useful to time this activity with when you apply lubricant to the bow thruster's drive leg.