Tips for Building a Baseball Bat Display Case

What You'll Need
Wooden board
A ruler
A pencil
A hand saw
A routing tool
Wood stain
A small paintbrush
A glass cutter
Holding sealant
Holding clamps
A small utility knife
Curved display stands
Holding putty
Glass cleaner

A baseball bat display case is a great way to display your sporting treasures. A standard case is not difficult to make and will save you a great deal of time and money compared to buying a pre-made display case. Most of the tools required for this project can be found in the average home workshop.

Step One - Cutting the Baseboard

Baseball bats come in standard sizes between 30 inches and 34 inches long. Make your baseboard 2 inches larger than the longest of these lengths and you will be able to display any baseball bat. Make the baseboard around 8 inches wide. Mark these measurements on a wooden board with your pencil and cut along them with a hand saw. Sand away any rough edges until the sides of the baseboard feel smooth.

Step Two - Make a Groove

Use a small ruler to make a mark all the way around the baseboard one inch in from the outer edge. Put a small headpiece on a router and run it around the mark you have just made. A small groove will be created that will fit the glass casing later on. Finish making the baseboard by applying a layer of wood stain with a small paintbrush and allowing it to dry.

Step Three - Cut the Glass

You will need five pieces of plexiglass, consisting of three long pieces and two small pieces. The length of these pieces should match the grooves you have just cut. This will make them approximately 34 inches long and 6 inches wide. The smaller pieces should be 6x6 inches. Use a glass cutter to make gentle scores on the plexiglass and place even pressure on either side of the score to break it. Use emery cloth to smooth out the edges.

Step Four - Seal the Glass

Make sure you have a good supply of holding clamps at hand and lay all of the glass out in front of you. Apply a layer of holding sealant all the way around the outer edges of the front display piece of glass. Attach the other two long pieces on either side so the sealant will hold them on. Use the clamps as you work to hold the glass in place while the sealant dries. Do not over tighten them, as this will damage the glass.

Apply more sealant along the three outer edges at the top and bottom of your three sided display case. Attach the smaller plexiglass pieces and allow the sealant to dry. Your display is now created. Trim any excess of sealant with a small utility knife.

Step Five - Assemble Case

Measure two even points on your baseboard at the top and bottom within the groove. Glue on two small and curved display stands, which will hold the baseball bat in place. Use some holding putty to hold the bat onto the stands. Fit the glass case over the bat and into the grooves. Finish the process by spraying some glass cleaner over the case and thoroughly wiping it.