Tips for Building a Round Brick Fire Pit

A round brick fire pit is a cozy outdoors place to sit and entertain friends especially during warm summer nights. Constructing a fire pit is relatively easy and if you have a small space in your garden or in your lawn, you can make the fire pit as part of your landscape design. To help you build your own round brink fire pit at home, here are some tips for you.

Check Building Regulations

Before you construct a fire pit in your backyard, you should first check with your local building authority. Note that improperly constructed fire pits can pose fire hazards so some states have strict regulations when it comes to their construction. To know the rules and regulations governing fire pit constructions in your town, visit your local building authority and get some information regarding this matter. If the local building authority requires you to get a permit before you can construct a fire pet, make sure that you get the necessary permits to avoid problems.

Find a Good Location

Location is very important so you need to find the right place for your fire pit. As a rule of thumb, your fire pit should be located a few meters away from your walls and from your plants. Note that putting your fire pit close to your walls can pose serious fire hazards. On the other hand, putting your pit close to your plants can kill your plants so see to it that you leave ample distance between your fire pit and your plants.

Design Your Fire Pit

If you do not want your fire pit to stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of your garden on backyard, you need to design your pit to blend into its surroundings. Also, you may want to design your fire pit to double as a barbecue pit so you and your friends can hang out and have some fun during the night.

Constructing your Fire Pit

If you plan to construct your fire pit over wooden floors, to avoid fire hazards do not construct the pit directly from the ground. Instead, place a large metal sheet on the ground where you want to construct the pit to serve as a non-flammable barrier. You can do away with the metal sheet if you are planning to construct the fire pit over concrete or gravel.

To set the foundation of your concrete fire pit, draw a circle on the area where you want to construct your pit. After drawing the circle, arrange some bricks following the circle. Do not worry if you cannot create a perfect circle with your bricks. After setting the first layer of brinks, put some cement on top of the bricks then add the next layer. The cement with serve as adhesive keeping the bricks together. Repeat this procedure until you reach the desired height of your round brick fire pit. If you want to use your fire pit as barbecue pit, all you need to do is put grills for cooking on top of it.