Tips for Building a Swivel Bar Stool

Bar stools.
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If you want a contemporary and practical seat for your house, try adding swivel bar stools. Swivel stools can be added to your kitchen island, breakfast counter, home bar, or picnic area. Whether you are buying ready-made stools or building your own, you will need to focus on comfort, stability, and design.

Comfort in Design

If you will be using the bar stools for many hours when entertaining, the seats should be padded or have cushions. Also think about including backrests, arms, and footrests. Backrests are required for children, so keep in mind who will be sitting on the chair.


The most important feature of a bar stool is its stability. You can build your swivel bar stools with four legs, on a central column, and with a wide base to ensure that it does not tip over. The swiveling element makes these stools alluring for children, who will push this spinning feature to its limits. Swivel bar stools also make communication with others easy because you are able to change your position freely. These stools add a nice relaxed atmosphere in any setting.


Getting good quality material for your barstools is essential and is one of the most important aspects. Wood is ideal if you want a traditional look. You can also have metal stools for modern or 50’s era decor. Bar stools can also be built from iron, bamboo, rattan, wicker, and plastic.

Correct Height

Measure the height of the counter and make your swivel bar stools about 12 inches from the tabletop or countertop. This a very important feature because a chair will be useless if it is not the right height. If the stool is too high, you can not rest your arms in a comfortable way on the counter. If it is too short, your legs won’t fit under it. You can add an adjustable height feature to whatever material you use. Kids will enjoy the swiveling component.

Building a simple wooden bar stool, without added features, is easy for those handy with their tools. The more features you add, the more complicated the construction. However, once you build one successfully, the rest of the stools will be easier to construct because as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. Your family will be pleased with your efforts to make their lifestyle more comfortable and attractive.