Tips for Building a Wooden Toy Chest

Kid toys and toy chest in a room
  • 2-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-150

Building a wooden toy chest is a project that can be done in an afternoon. When working with wood, you have to make sure you are prepared and ready for the project. There are a few things that either are often neglected or simply not thought of when undertaking this type of project. With that said, building a wooden toy chest is easy, and the following article will share with you several tips to make the process even easier.

Size of the Wooden Toy Chest

When building a wooden toy chest, the size is crucial. The wooden toy chest does not have to be big enough to hold all of the toys your child owns, but all of the toys you want the child to have. This can be a great opportunity to limit the number of toys floating around the home. A good idea of how to get the proper size is determining where it will go. For example, you can use the size of the closet or the size of the front of the bed as a template, depending on where you want to put the chest. Knowing these measurements will help you decide on the size of the toy chest.

Wood Material to Use

The type of wood you use to make the wooden toy chest will determine how long the chest could last. There are many kinds of wood you can buy to make a toy chest, but some are either too soft or too expensive to use on this project. Some wood is also difficult to use because it is hard to cut without damaging the wood.

Choose a good wood like cedar or pine. Both of these wood types are easily cut and will stand up to abuse over the years. Both of these woods are also mold and mildew resistant as well as insect resistant. The cost can vary, as you can find reclaimed wood of this type, which will be much cheaper than new wood.


aged hinges on a wood box

Choosing the correct hardware for your wooden toy chest is important, as it will keep the lid in place. Do not choose something that is made out of plastic or aluminum, as these materials are easy to break. Always use a hard metal like anodized steel. The brackets should also be made out of this material in order to make the toy chest uniform in style. When you add hinges to the toy chest, use at least three of them so the weight is distributed evenly. You will want to place one in the center and the other two on each side of the lid.


You can stain or paint the wooden toy chest, and you can also add design elements. These can be bought or created out of scrap wood. You can simply stain them and glue them in place on the toy chest. This can give the chest a whimsical look that is customized.