Tips for Building Box Ceiling Beams

White ceiling beams forming a cross.

Building box ceiling beams is a great idea for many different rooms. It tends to give off a warm and "homey" feeling for the room and brings the design together as a whole. If you are interested in building box beams, here are a few tips to help guide you.

Tip 1—Measure Correctly

Make sure to measure the room correctly so you know how many beams you need. The typical size of a box beam is 4″x8′, so measuring the room helps to determine how many will fit.

Tip 2—Paint Before Installing

One mistake that many people make is trying to paint or stain after they have already installed the beams. It is much easier to get this done before, while the beams are still on the ground and easy to reach. Once you put them up, you will have a much harder job of it and likely end up with a lower quality result.

Tip 3—Nail the Sides First

Another important tip: nail in the sides first and then work on the bottom so you can have access while you are building. This makes the process go by much more smoothly.