Tips for Building Residential Garage Doors

Building residential garage doors would be a great addition to your home. It will give you many benefits including extra space to store things. In addition, it will give you a nice return on your investment should you decide to sell your home. Garage doors do set the tone for visitors to want to see on the inside of your home. With that being said, garage doors should be considered as important as the front door of your home. They can be your home’s focal point from the outside. There are many different garage door styles and colors to build.

Selecting a Garage Door

The style of the garage door you select should complement the architectural style of your home. They play a big role in the overall design of your home since they sit in the front or on the side most of the time. There are a couple of garage door types to choose from when building them. You can select from wood or steel. The wood garage doors come in a paint grade or a stain grade. They usually have a hard wood interlay and use polystyrene insulated cores for reinforcement. Steel doors do not require much maintenance. They have heat cured fade resistant finishes. A steel door offers the same potential as a wooden door with the exception of being a little more resistant to the weather. Steel doors are just a little more cost effective also.

Including Décor

There are a lot of different designs to take into consideration. There are custom designs like arched tops to enhance the lines of your home. They are a bit pricy to make and install. Then there are the standard garage doors with the straight tops. They are a little easier to produce and cost efficient. There are other garage doors you can build that will emulate the effect of a carriage house. You can build them to lift straight up like the regular garage doors, but give them the appearance to have folds in them. You can build both the steel garage doors and the wooden ones to include windows in them.

Garage Door Kits and Plans

You can look at the many garage door plans online or in home improvement magazines before building your garage door. You can buy the materials to build your residential garage door, and purchase the pre-drawn up garage plans. There are garage door kits that you can purchase also which include all of the parts you will need to build. With just a few tools and some time, you can almost instantly build a garage door using the kit. For the not so do-it-yourselfer, there are garage doors you can order that are already assembled. This will limit your choice in color and style, but it is very convenient and requires the least amount of work. It only requires a few tools to hang but saves you installation costs on the interim.