Tips for Calculating the Size of a Work Bench

A work bench.

If you are planning on building a work bench for your basement or garage shop, there are a number of considerations that go into its construction. First and foremost, the question is: how big will it be? The two variables you will have to factor in are the room you have to spare and the amount of space you need.

Calculate the Size of a Work Bench

Not every home shop is the same, just as not every person uses their shop for exactly the same purposes. Therefore, one person’s work bench could be another person’s storage table. That is to say, some people need more room. Determine what you will be doing with the work bench. If your purpose is simply to have a place to repair small engines or construct small woodworking projects, you probably don’t need that much space. On the other hand, if you are refinishing furniture or operating a wide variety of power tools, you may need plentiful space.

Don’t build an overly large work bench just because you can. If you know you only need it to be so big, there is no reason to use up more space. If you use a lot of power tools that need a permanent home, you may wish to incorporate the space on your new bench. Make sure, however, that you provide enough open space for various projects. The last thing you want is a work bench that is always cluttered.