Tips for Caring for Rubber Flooring

person lifting up rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is attractive for many reasons. It is environmentally friendly and is a recyclable product. It is also available in many different colors and patterns. You can even purchase rubber flooring that imitates the look of other materials, such as stone. One of the biggest positive points about rubber flooring is that it is easy to maintain. The tips listed below will show you how to properly care for your rubber flooring so it will last for ages.

Seal New Rubber Floors

All rubber floors require a coating of sealant to prevent dirt accumulation and damage to the floor. Follow manufacturer recommendations on the sealant and the process of sealing.

Keep Door Mats at All Entrances

rubber tile flooring

To prevent dirt and grit from traveling indoors, you can place doormats at all of the entrance points. Avoid the use of outdoor footwear, high heeled shoes, and heavy boots if possible. This is not applicable for public areas such as gymnasiums, where rubber flooring is used to withstand such stress.

Wipe off Grease Spills Immediately

Grease can leave permanent stains on rubber flooring. Use a solvent to clean the grease stains and rinse them off immediately. Never let the solvent sit on the rubber floor, as it will cause damage.

Sweep the Floor Daily

Remove dirt and dust on a daily basis with the use of a vacuum cleaner or a brush. This will prevent a lot of damage that can be caused by fine dirt particles, stones, and grit.

Use an Auto Scrubber to Remove Dirt

Use an auto scrubber with a microfiber pad for the purpose of cleaning stubborn dirt buildup. The microfiber is useful for trapping dirt in corners and depressions.

Avoid the Use of Strong Cleaners

colored rubber flooring samples

Strong detergents and cleaners can cause permanent damage to rubber flooring by reacting with the material. Use mild cleaners recommended by the manufacturer. Other good choices are all-purpose cleaners and fabric softeners, which you can dilute and apply on the floor. Always test these products in an inconspicuous area before applying them everywhere.

Use Wax Stripper to Remove Buildup

Once in a while, you will have to remove wax buildup with the use of a stripper. Follow manufacturer recommendations on the purchase and use of stripper.

Wax Your Rubber Floors as Needed

To wax a rubber floor, you can apply a thin coat of wax and let it dry. Then, follow up again with another coat of wax. Avoid excessive application of sealant or wax because it will peel and crack apart.

Avoid Water Accumulation

Never let water sit on the rubber floor for too long because it will make the floor slippery. The water can also damage the effectiveness of the flooring adhesive, and the floor may come apart.

Never Use Abrasive Cleaners

Never use steel wool, scouring pads, or abrasive cleaning agents or materials on the rubber floor. Such items can leave permanent marks and can also cause discoloration and staining of the floor.