Tips for Catching Dungeness Crab

What You'll Need
A crab trap
Disposable gloves
A sharp knife
Small plastic bags
A fishing license
A tape measure
A cooler

The following tips will make catching Dungeness Crab much easier and a much more satisfying experience. 

Step 1 – Getting a License

Be sure you know the fishing laws and regulations in your area and that you have a fishing license. 

Step 2 – Preparing the Bait

Chicken and clams are the best bait for catching Dungeness crab. Be sure you are wearing disposable gloves if you are handling the chicken. Use the sharp knife to cut up the bait into small pieces and and put it into plastic bags.

Step 3 - Tying the Crab Trap

Tie a long length of rope to your crab trap. Tie the bait to the trap as well. Drop the trap into the ocean.

Step 4 - Soaking the Trap

Allow the crab trap about an hour to soak in the water without moving or checking it. Moving the trap will scare off the crab.

Step 5 - Checking the Trap

Pull the trap from the water to check it for crab.  If there are any crab in the trap, use the tape measure to check the length of the crab.  Crabs that are too small will have to be thrown back into the ocean. Crabs that are the right size can be put into the cooler in order to keep them alive for as long as possible. Drop the trap back into the water and repeat the process.