Tips for Caulking Leaking Gutters

What You'll Need
* Silicone caulk
* Sandpaper
* Roofing cement
* Flashing
* Wire brushes

Leaking gutters require immediate attention.  If these are not fixed in a timely fashion there will be more troubles ahead; the exterior walls can be damaged and the original may worsen.  Here are some tips about caulking to fix leaky gutters.

Step 1 – Find the Cause of the Leak

The first few places to check for leaks are the gutter joints.  Next check the railings and the downspouts.
Step 2 – Clean the Leaky Area and Make it Dry

Use a wire brush to clean the problem area.  Dry it thoroughly and rub it with sandpaper. This method will help you clean of any old adhesive material that is no longer functioning properly. 

Step 3 – Cover the Holes

If you find holes on the gutter, cover it with roofing cement. If the holes are big, use a combination of flashing and roofing cement.

Step 4 – Apply Silicone Caulk on Joints

If any old caulk still remains, you may use a wire brush and water to completely remove it.  Once it is cleaned and dried, you may apply beads of silicone caulking to it.

Step 5 – Attach the Joints

With the caulking already there, put the gutter back by reconnecting the joints.