Tips for Caulking Quarter Round Molding

Quarter round molding is used to decorate houses and is typical accessories used in construction projects. They are just as popular as the baseboard or the crown molding. They create an effect in the room of having a smooth transition from the floor to the walls. Floors are generally tiled or slated and there is possibility for gaps in between the tiles or in corners that do not join properly. The quarter round molding, therefore, holds a much decorative value and goes to hide the gaps and imperfections that arise from incorrect tiling joints. There are a number of tips that will greatly help to make caulking of quarter round molding easier and better serving the purpose of adding beauty to the floor and tiling.

Tip 1 - Material

Choose a suitable caulking material that matches the color of the grout.

Tip 2 - Application

Apply caulk holding it at a proper angle, taking care to apply even pressure to avoid excessive application.

Tip 3 - Caulking

Slate or tiling can be a bumpy ground for quarter round moldings to rest on. Hence, caulking under the quarter round to seal holes made from resting on bumps is always a good bet.

Tip 5 - Finishing Up

Even out the surface after caulking and remove extra caulking material.

Tip 6 - Drying

Sufficient time must be given for the caulk to dry before staining or painting.

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