Tips for Choosing the Right Circular Saw Blade

A circular saw.

It doesn't matter what type of job you are doing, there is a circular saw blade that is perfect for that project. The circular saw is used in a wide variety of construction projects and having the right circular saw blade will provide a better cut.

1. Blade Name as an Indicator

One of the easiest ways to know which circular saw blade is right for your project is to go by the actual name of the blade. A masonry blade is for concrete cutting, and a flooring blade is for cutting flooring materials like hardwood slats.

2. Fine Teeth Better Cut

If you are working on a project where very clean cuts are needed, choose a circular saw blade that has very fine teeth, or carbide teeth, is right for the job.

3. Ripping Blade

When you are cutting along the grain of the wood, you will need to choose a ripping blade. This has a teeth configuration that will not tear up the wood as it cuts along the grain.

4. Combination Blade

For regular use in cutting plywood, or cross-cutting projects, the combination blade is the right one to choose. This circular saw blade is the most common as many projects require cutting across the grain of the wood.