Tips for Cleaning a Baby Car Seat Cover

Because babies spend a significant amount of time in their car seat, every parent should know how to clean a baby car seat cover. From spilled milk and crushed snacks to diaper leaks and spit-up, a car seat is a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Frequent Cleaning

Ideally, the car seat should be wiped out after every use to avoid unnecessary build-up. Using a wet paper towel, washcloth or sanitizing wipe, gently wipe the car seat and cover. Pay close to attention to the sides and bottom of the baby car seat cover, where dirt and germs are likely to thrive. 

Monthly Cleaning

To ensure quality condition, thoroughly clean the car seat once a month. Remove the baby car seat cover, according to manufacturer guidelines. To remove loose dirt, food and foreign particles, shake the car seat cover off outdoors. Using the gentle cycle, wash the car seat cover and hang to dry. To prevent melting or shrinking, do not put the car seat cover in the dryer. With soap and water, clean the plastic and metal parts of the car seat, including the bottom of the seat and the carrying handle, which are likely infested with germs. In addition, clean all baby toys before adding to the car seat.