Tips for Cleaning Roller Shades

If your roller shades are in need of a good cleaning, it may interest you to learn that there are two helpful tips that can make the cleaning process a lot easier. Below are the most effective tips for making your roller shades sparkle.

Preparatory Dusting

Before carrying out the cleaning process, you'll need to administer a thorough dusting to your roller shades. This can be accomplished with the aid of your vacuum cleaner. Using one of the device's brush attachments, go over the shades in an up-and-down fashion. If your vacuum cleaner doesn't have brush attachments, the preparatory dusting can be carried out with a clean cloth or a feather duster. Once your shades have been sufficiently dusted, you'll be ready to begin the cleaning process.

Cleaning Your Shades

Now that your shades have been dusted, you'll need to dampen a sponge or washcloth in mixture of warm water and mild soap. Next, proceed to gently wipe down shades in small circular motions. When performing the cleaning process, make sure to pay special attention to any areas of your shades that feature caked-on dirt or dust deposits. Once you've vigorously cleaned your shades, dry them with a clean cloth before proceeding to roll them up.