Tips for Cleaning Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the most effective ways of blocking light and creating privacy in your house. Unfortunately they also act as dust depositories and while a light dusting every week could help avoid build-up of grime, it is also necessary to properly clean them at least once every season. There are two main ways for cleaning your blinds, which basically depend on the amount of grime on the blinds themselves: one is to go through each slat separately and the other is to detach the blinds and wash them in your bathtub.

Preparing for Cleaning

When trying to clean your venetian blinds it is always important to remove anything that is in your way, especially if you are cleaning them in place. Therefore it is important to tie back any curtains or window coverings. If on the other hand you have the facility to take down your blinds and can wash them in the bathtub, be very careful of how you dismantle them. Before you try to remove the blinds, make sure that the slats are open to a horizontal position and that the blinds are raised all the way up so that they touch the bottom of the head rail. This will avoid any tearing or mobility problems when you try to lift the head rail out of the bracket.

When it comes to the cleaning itself, consider using water and an alcohol or vinegar-based solution, or if you are wiping it down use a window cleaner which will do a great job just the same. Consider using old socks, old fabric gloves or dryer sheets to wipe down your venetian blinds.

Removing Dust and Dirt

If you are going to clean each slat separately while the blinds are still attached, you should consider using old socks to do the job. Socks are among the best tools for cleaning blinds. All you have to do is wear a wet sock in one hand to wipe away the grime and wear a dry sock simultaneously on your other hand so that you can instantly wipe each slat dry. While wearing the socks on your hands, or gloves, slip the slats between your thumb and forefinger. Always start wiping from the top slat and at the center of each slat, working your way to the sides.

If you are removing the blinds and washing them in the bathtub, you should fill the tub enough so the blinds are covered with water. You can use either vinegar and water solution or a dish detergent and water solution. You should let the blinds soak for at least half an hour so that the dust and grime are loosened up. If the dirt is persistent consider using a soft cleaning brush.

Remember to lightly dust the blinds before applying any water to facilitate the actual cleaning.

Finishing Up

Once you have cleaned the blinds, make sure to dry them well, especially if they have metal parts because these might rust. If you have wiped down your blinds, drying them will be easy, but if you washed them in your bathtub you should leave it hanging on the side of the bath or hang them outdoors if the weather permits it. If you are in a hurry you can always employ a hair dryer set on cool to speed things up a bit.

These are only a few tips that will help you when cleaning your venetian blinds. Remember to always be careful and gentle with your blinds, especially if they are old, to avoid causing any damage.