Tips for Cutting Crown Molding Properly

Cutting crown molding yourself is a task which you should try to master, so as to avoid having to pay a professional. Crown molding is gaining popularity in modern design. Apart from the traditional wood, there are also the less expensive and more flexible materials such resin, polyurethane and polystyrene. Here are a few tips to consider when cutting crown molding.

Acquire Appropriate Tools

In order to achieve a satisfactory result you need to have suitable tools for the job. These include a miter saw, a circular saw and architectural triangle.


It is crucial to have an eye to detail and to exercise precision throughout.


First try cutting on a few test pieces so as to see the result you achieve on them. You will also be able to notice any likely mistakes you could be prone to making.


Cutting at an angle is the most tricky part. So, make sure you know how to use the tool which will guide you to cut the molding at the angle you require well.


A crucial part of cutting crown molding is to be able to position each part well in the miter saw prior to cutting. If you do not position each part well, you will have joints which will not match or be that equal to one another, ultimately causing unsatisfactory results.