Tips for Decorating Your Glider Rocking Chair

How you choose to decorate your glider rocking chair will make a statement about you. Whether to decorate in your favorite ball team's colors, or design a spacious glider rocking chair with lush cushions and velvet seat covers. Mix and match your favorite ideas, or copy a few of the ones presented here, but whatever you do, take the time to make your glider rocking chair a piece of furniture that says "you" all over.

Team Colors!

You can decorate a glider rocking chair in any way you choose, and one popular style is to decorate in the colors of your favorite sports team. Use complementary pads and throw pillow to display the primary and secondary colors of the team. You can even use similarly colored paints to add permanent decorations to the chair. If teams are not your interest, the same sort of designs could be accomplished for horses, or any other theme you choose.

Pads and Cushions

Pads and cushions are the simple way to decorate a child rocking chair, as well. Bright colors and friendly shapes are always appreciated by children, especially when they represent fund things. Clowns, puppies, unicorns, and firetrucks are all possible decorative idea to make a child's rocking chair more entertaining. Bench pads can be plushly thick, or minimally thin. You can even pick up seat pads made from memory foam, the most comfortable type of padding currently available.

Detail and Decals

Along the same lines, your child will probably enjoy a rocking chair that is decorated with favorite cartoon characters, or other decals or stickers that represent things the child is interested in. Use hobby paints to create personalized details. One suggestion for this would be to put the child's name on the rocking chair, an addition that affects the self-image of the child by giving them a sense of importance.

Leather and Lace

Many times, a gliding rocking chair is more than a simple outdoor rocker. High-quality materials are used for indoor rocking chairs that rival some of the best furniture available. Leather, lace, satin and silk are all available for discriminating tastes. And don't forget to choose the pillows and other accessories to capitalize on the effect you are trying to achieve. Style and luxury are in the eye of the beholder, so choose a style that suits you, rather than using some set decorative pattern suggested by another. You are the one who will be enjoying the finished design, not some stranger in a craft shop or online website.

The Limits of Imagination

Your imagination is the only thing holding you back. From solid colors to holiday themes, how you choose to decorate the rocking chair is completely up to you. Crepe paper and streamers might be a great way to decorate for a party or garden gathering, for instance, or perhaps you want to modify the rocking chair to allow it to hold a parasol to keep you comfortable even in the heat of the day.