Tips for Deep Sea Fishing for Albacore

If you want to catch Albacore tuna, you have to go deep sea fishing. Albacore tuna is type of fish that can be found in oceans with temperate climates. Here are tips that you use when deep fishing for Albacore tuna.

Fish at the Right Time and Place

Determine the best time to fish for Albacore tuna in your fishing area. Albacore tune can be found at deep ocean waters with 60 degrees F and above temperatures. Check for warm ocean currents, as Albacores are abundant in warm currents. Schools of Albacore tuna are often found 6 to 10 miles away from the shore.

Use the Right Bait and Fishing Technique

Sardines and anchovies are the two best baits that you can use to catch Albacore tuna. Trolling, a fishing technique that uses a slow-moving boat while dragging your fish hooks at a depth of about 60 feet, is the most effective fishing technique that you can use in catching Albacore tuna.

Landing Albacore Tuna

Use sharp hooks attached to a long stick to land the Albacore tuna. Land the Albacore tuna into the boat immediately when the fish surface to prevent the fish from being tangled to other fishing lines. When you have an Albacore tuna in your fishing line, make sure to reduce the speed of your fishing boat to be able to land the tuna and to avoid your fishing line from snapping off.