Tips for Designing Courtyard House Plans

Are you looking to put together several courtyard house plans? If you have a plot of land and if you are looking to design and build a courtyard house, you will not be disappointed. It is so much fun designing a home from scratch and watching it get built and finished over the course of several months. A courtyard home can provide you with privacy, elegance and a safe place for your children to enjoy the outdoors and play. If you are serious about putting together a plan for a courtyard house, here are a few things you need to be aware of.

General Characteristics

You must love a home that is centered around a pretty courtyard to enjoy this design. If you have ever heard the term 'wing'; then they may have been referring to a house of this style. The courtyard house is usually built as a square. The open middle can be a pretty courtyard made with many plants, flowers, trees and shrubs. Sometimes a white picket fence surrounds the courtyard part.

Corridors and Service Rooms

Design your courtyard home with service rooms and long hallways or corridors in mind. The main rooms often overlook the courtyard and the hallways join the different sections of the home. Try adding pretty french doors from the main rooms. The french doors will open out onto the courtyard. Enjoy a glass of lemonade or ice tea outside your home. Your courtyard will almost become a home away from home.

Designing Your Courtyard

Spend a lot of time putting together the design for your courtyard. It should be designed in a way that invites you to enjoy the outdoor space. Spend time thinking about the trees, the plants, the outdoor elements you enjoy. Maybe you would like to add an herb garden or maybe you would like to have a coupe benches or an arbor with over flowing rose vines. Whatever your delights may be, incorporate them well into your courtyard. It should become a place where you like to entertain, sit by yourself and reflect, read or just chat with another great friend or loved one. The courtyard tends to be just as important as the house itself in this home's design.

Adding Your Gardens

Gardens tend to be a central theme around a courtyard home. Take special time to design the specifications regarding your gardens. The gardens may include the following types of elements:

  • A Seating Area: An area where one or more people can sit to enjoy the outside elements such as the gardens, the weather, the sun and the birds overhead
  • A Flower Garden: Consider filling your courtyard gardens with many different types of flowers. Consider adding many colors. Add flowers that give off a pretty scent.
  • A Vegetable Garden: What is better than being able to walk through your court yard and pick some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers or even peppers
  • An Herb Garden: If you love to cook, you will definitely want to incorporate an herb garden into your garden plans.