Tips for Driving with Studded Snow Tires

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Drive Slow for Safety

When driving with studded snow tires, there are several things you can do to improve your driving on icy roads. When driving in icy and wintery weather, allow extra time for your commute. Drive slower, and increase the distance between your car and other cars on the road. Studded tires make it easier for your vehicle to gain traction in extreme weather conditions by helping prevent sliding and loss of traction. To ensure optimal safety, it is best to drive with caution.

Turn the Steering Wheel Slowly

It is still possible to lose traction while driving with studded snow tires. If you lose traction or start sliding, remove your foot from the accelerator. Turn the steering wheel slowly in the direction you want the vehicle to go, slowly apply pressure to your brakes, and do not panic. Do not oversteer your vehicle. This will allow your studded snow tires time to reconnect with the road through the ice and snow. When you stop sliding, proceed to driving slowly with caution.

Studded snow tires can enhance the quality of your driving on the road in extreme winter weather, although some states ban their use. It is best to check with your state, to ensure you are in compliance with the laws governing the use of studded snow tires, before you purchase and use them.