Tips for Enhancing Your Glider Rocking Chair

Having a glider rocking chair is a wonderful way to greet the morning sun or relax after a hard day. For those who have a glider rocker and want to make it a more personalized experience, there are some great ideas out there for ways to enhance a glider rocking chair.

Glider Canopy

Put up an aluminum canopy over your glider rocking chair to keep it cool and shaded all all times of the day. Kits are available at the hardware store or your local garden center for canopies of all types; many of which are designed to cover a porch swing or other garden furniture. If you want to be more innovative, install flag holders on the rear of the back and use one or more small parasols to create the shade.


An upholstered rocking chair is a luxurious way to relax, however is not the style of glider rocker most people start out with. To solve this, add your own cushions or throw pillows. In cooler weather, line the glider rocker with a thick quilt, folded double over the bench seat and then line the rest going up and over the seat back.  Sized cushions are available in many locations, including crafts shops and the garden center of a department store. Because they are removable, cushions and pillows allow you to be as luxurious as you wish. You can also simply add some all-weather vinyl covers in the case of an outdoor recliner.

Cup Holders and Book Racks

Customize your rocking chair with add-on items such as a magazine rack, or use a hole cutter and create built-in cup holders in the arm rests. When you are dealing with wood furniture, adding enhancements is not a difficult process and gives you the chance to make your glider rocker a unique piece of furniture.  You could even add a small cabinet to keep items that need to be out of the weather but are frequently needed in the vicinity, such as a camera or a pair of garden gloves.

Instant Work Desk or TV Tray

Remove the arm rests and replace them with collapsible trays that can be extended over the seating area, providing an impromptu table. If the arrangement needs to support more weight, such as for a laptop computer, make your modular desk so that it can be slid through a horizontal opening under the arm rests. If there is not sufficient legroom, remove the arm rests and add an extension for the table to slide through, then replace the arms. This allows the weight placed on the mini-table to be distributed through the arm and main bench.


Add collapsible shelves on either end of the swing. Place flower pots or other decorations on the shelves to create the desired atmosphere. If the idea works well and the glider is permanently placed, you may even consider adding small planters on the ends of the glider rocker. This could be used for a herbs or flowers.