Tips for Fishing the Keys of Florida

Fishing the Keys of Florida is an opportunity for any angler to enjoy a true sport fishing experience in the warmth of the Florida climate. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean are home to many different types of fish. The fishing options range from chartering a boat to kayak fishing. Choose the type of adventure you would like. The choices include: deep sea fishing, kayak fishing, snorkeling and reef fishing. If you have your own boat, you can make the trip more personal. Research the reputable fishing organizations in the area. Discuss your plans and the options they have available.

Deep Sea Fishing

There are many different bodies of water located in and around the Florida Keys. Deep sea fishing adventures are readily available almost everywhere. Anglers can catch a wider variety of fish such as: marlin, sailfish, group and snapper. Most of the Florida Key islands offer many fishing charters and public docks. Generally, deep sea fishing adventures are year-round opportunities in Florida. However, the months of June through November fall during the Florida hurricane season. Keep that in mind when booking a fishing trip to the Keys.  Chartered deep sea fishing organizations typically provide rods, reels, tackle, bait and a temporary fishing license in the cost for the service. It is still advised to check with the local area fishing regulations for specific laws and procedures. The cost of a deep sea fishing service can range from two hundred to eight hundred dollars depending on the length of the outing and the amenities provided.

Kayak Fishing

Another popular form of angling in the Florida Keys is kayak fishing. This type of fishing also requires the proper license which can be purchased online and over the phone. Same day services are also available. Research the area for a reputable kayak rental service. If you have your own kayak, look for a reputable boat ramp. Early morning and evening fishing are the most successful times for kayak fishing in the Florida Keys.

Using Rental Services

If you choose to go early in the morning, you may need to book your rental the day before. Be sure the service provides a floating device, a paddle and a signaling device. Many kayak rental services do not provide bait and tackle. You will need to purchase or bring your own rod, reel, fishing tackle and bait. When purchasing your bait, ask the attendant for advice on the best kayak fishing spots in the area. Be sure also bring along water, snacks, sunscreen and ice. If you are near a sandbar, do not leave the kayak to fish if there is no place to tie off the boat. When you dress for the excursion, try to wear bright colors. If you get caught in any type of a storm, always stay with your kayak. Finally, be sure you let other people know what your plan is for the day before venturing out on the water.