Tips for Gluing Foam Insulation Board

In order to properly glue a foam insulation board, you will need to purchase Styrofoam adhesive that is capable of adhering to concrete. You will also need something to cut the board with, some Tyvek tape, and the foam insulation board itself.

Preparing the Wall

It is good practice to clean the wall of cobwebs and debris before attempting to adhere any foam insulation for it. You will then need to make certain that there are no cracks in the wall, and if there are you will need to fill them. Then, water seal the wall, and it will be ready for your insulation.

Applying the Foam Insulation Board

When applying the foam insulation board it is better to do so horizontally, simply because the board is less likely to fall while you are trying to apply it. Once you have the boards tacked onto the wall, it will be necessary to seal the joints (where two separate pieces meet) with the Tyvex tape. The Tyvex is a heavy duty tape that can also keep out moisture.

Applying the Foam Insulation to Concrete

It will be necessary when applying the foam to concrete that you have an adhesive that is very potent, and preferably quick drying. You do not want to press your foam insulation into the concrete wall for more than a minute. For the best luck, find the fastest drying glue that is able to adhere to foam.