Tips for Grouting Wall Tile

Grouting wall tile can be a very easy task if the proper materials and tools are used. In order to install the grout properly, a basic knowledge of how the task should be done, as well as some patience to complete the job, has to be present. There are many tips that will help while applying grout to wall tiles, and if they are understood and followed the job will go much easier. Mixing the grout properly is the first aspect of this task that needs to be done properly, and then applying the grout and cleaning up. All three areas of the application process must be done correctly to prevent any areas that will need to be re-done.

Mixing the Grout

When grouting wall tile it is imperative that it be mixed properly, according to the directions upon the brand and style that you have chosen. Never mix more than you can apply within the given time before it begins to set, and always make sure that before applying the grout that the consistency resembles creamy peanut butter. It must be thick, but not so thick that it will not spread or bond properly. Another common problem when mixing the grout is to make the mixture too thin. Once again, this will not allow even spreading and the bonding process will be slower, if it even bonds at all. Take your time to mix the grout perfectly by following the directions and never mixing more than you can apply within the given time period.

Applying the Grout

Always use a small grout float to scoop the grout out of the bucket and to press it into the lines where the grout needs to be placed. Grouting wall tile is a slow process that needs to be as precise as possible, so make sure that the proper tools are used. Also make sure that you work in small sections, such as two or three tiles at a time. This will allow the grout to be installed without the chance of it drying out. As you finish up one section, use a sponge to clean up any areas where the grout has spilled over onto the tiles. The sponge can also be used to compact the grout down, just make sure that you do not press down so hard that the grout comes out, otherwise you will have to repeat the process.

Cleaning Up

No matter how well you do at grouting wall tile, there will always be some cleaning up that will need to be done. A film can be formed around the outer edges of the tiles from applying the grout. This has to be cleaned off with a sponge and wash cloth. When doing this final clean-up be careful that you do not disturb the grout that you have installed. Wipe the edges of the tiles carefully, avoiding the grout lines completely. This is also a great time to check your work, and to make any repairs before the grout is completely set. It is much easier to repair problems now, rather than later on after the grout has cured and will need to be cut out with a grinder.