Tips for Identifying Antique Pottery

Like a good detective novel, identifying antique pottery is a matter of look for, and piecing together, the different clues left behind. If you have ever wondered how some people can look at a piece of antique pottery and tell if it is fake or real, then here are some tips for you to know. 

Stamps Tell a Lot

There are a lot of different manufacturers of pottery that have left behind a telltale stamp on their pieces. Companies like Rockwood and Weller, have a distinct mark, while certain individuals also have their own mark. There are several things that the mark can tell you about the antique pottery.

  • Maker: This is done through handwriting, initials, and company stamp.
  • Age: The way that the mark is put on the piece will tell you the year it was made. For instance, handwritten script would be a sign that it was made before the 1800's. 
  • Country: A foreign alphabet, or letter structure, would help lead you to the country of origin. 

Type of Material Used

Many of the antique pottery is going to show signs of its forging in the material that was used. Ceramics, porcelain and even glass are all materials that will show specific tools and the craftsman's own details. These details will help you identify the antique pottery.