Tips for Installing a Flexible Curtain Track

The most common type of flexible curtain track is the kind in hospitals that the nurses pull across the room. This is not a limited technology, and people can install these in front of windows or across the center of a room for privacy and to separate spaces. Follow the tips below for easy flexible curtain track installation.

Make Sure your Ceiling is Even

An important thing to keep in mind when installing a flexible curtain track is the pitch of your ceiling. If the ceiling leans on a pitch in one direction, it is likely that the curtain will slide to the other end or not stay in place when left alone.

Be Sure to Cap the Ends

You want to be sure to insert the locking nuts or caps onto the ends of your flexible curtain track to prevent the curtain from being pulled off of the track while in use. Make sure that the ends of the track are tightly buttoned up to prevent the entire curtain to unload itself onto the floor.

Use a Track That Will Hold the Weight of your Curtain

Be sure that you get a flexible track that will hold the weight of your curtain. If the material is too heavy and the track is not properly anchored to actual beams in the ceiling joists, the whole system may fall.