Tips for Installing a Marble Threshold Properly

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A marble threshold is a beautiful choice for your doorway, that will make your home look extra special. Not only is it more durable than a traditional wooden threshold, but it is also more elegant and shows you have a sophisticated nature. Marble is a bit different to handle than when you work with wood or other materials. The guide will tell you how to install a marble threshold in your home.

Step 1 - Measure

Marble is expensive, so you don’t want to waste any of it. Therefore, be extra sure to measure precisely and carefully before you cut the pieces you need for your marble threshold installation. First, place the piece of marble for the threshold along the doorway in the spot you plan to install it. This is done to see if it fits, or if you must cut it to make it fit. With a pencil, mark the place on the marble where the piece of threshold lines up with the doorway. You want the finished piece to be snug inside the doorway, with no cracks to let in air. Most marble thresholds come in sizes of 2 and 4inches wide and are 30 or 36 inches long. If your threshold will be different from this, you will have to be very careful cutting it, so you won’t crack it accidentally. Bottom line: measurements are super important in this project.

Step 2 - Cut

You will need to use a tile wet saw to cut the marble. Before you turn on the saw, make sure there is enough water in the holder under the saw blade. Then, line up your marble threshold piece carefully, making sure the blade is on the mark you made with your measurements. Don’t exert a lot of force when you cut the marble, just let the blade go into it and pull it carefully along as you follow it through the cut in the marble. The marble will be wet after you cut it, and it has to dry before you can install it into your doorway.

Step 3 - Install Final Installation Tips

A pink home with a marble threshold.

Depending on the surface your doorway is made of, you will use different methods of attaching your marble threshold after you cut it. If it’s concrete, you can use thinset and put it directly onto the concrete. If it’s wood, then you have to put some sort of baker board on the doorway first so the marble has something to stick to.

Safety Precautions are Important

As in all home repair projects, safety is very important. When you install a marble threshold, you will be working with cutting tools that are very sharp. Therefore, it’s a good idea to wear eye protection in the form of safety goggles and heavy work gloves to protect your hands.

Understanding the Cost Involved

Generally, marble thresholds are between 30 to 36 inches in length, which costs anywhere between $20-$50 per piece. The caulk costs about $28.