Tips for Installing Aftermarket ATV Parts

The aftermarket ATV parts business is quickly becoming a lucrative venture. ATVs are a fun and exciting means of transportation and with the prices of these machines dropping; more and more riders are appearing on the scene. While these machines are well made and meant to handle some rough terrain, eventually parts will break or just wear out. The aftermarket ATV parts market is just the place to go for these replacement parts.

OEM v. Aftermarket ATV Parts

ATV's or All Terrain Vehicles were introduced back in the early 1970's. Soon after, the aftermarket ATV parts business was born. These parts were originally manufactured by automobile parts manufacturers and off-road accessory manufacturers. Now ATV parts are manufactured by many companies who specialize in just these types of parts.

You can choose OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts for your ATV. These parts are manufactured by the same company the made the original parts on your ATV and they are direct replacements for the failed parts.

You can also use high performance parts which are meant to offer a greater level of performance or handling than the standard OEM part. They will most likely be priced higher than the OEM part as well.

Which Parts to Replace

Which parts to replace depends on what you want to accomplish with your ATV. Sometimes a broken or worn out part will make the decision easy for you but if you just want to upgrade your ATV, you'll have some decisions to make. Do you want more speed, more power or better handling? There are parts manufactured to give you all of those things.

If you want more speed, bigger pistons might be the answer. A different set of transmission gears might give you the pulling power you are searching for and knobbier tires and specially tuned suspension parts would give you improved handling.

Replacing Your Parts

Once your new parts have arrived, it's very tempting to try to rush the job so you can enjoy the improved performance of your ATV. Treat this upgrade as you would one to your car or truck. Thoroughly read the instructions and carefully remove each of the old parts from your ATV so you don't do any damage to the items not getting replaced. Reassemble the ATV according to the instructions and enjoy the new performance your ATV brings.

Tips for Upgrading Your ATV

  • Ask your friends or fellow ATV enthusiasts which parts and manufacturers they would recommend for your upgrade
  • Check the warranty on your ATV. Some aftermarket ATV parts will void the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Join an on-line forum or an ATV club to see the latest aftermarket parts and upgrades and get information related to your ATV and available upgrades.
  • Check the manufacturer's information about the parts you buy. Some upgrades may require other upgrades at the same time for proper function.
  • Take an ATV rider safety course to get the most fun out of your ATV.