Tips for Installing Bullnose Ceramic Tile

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Installing bullnose ceramic tile can provide a great finished edge around the outside of your tile. When installing bullnose, there are certain things that you will want to keep in mind. Here are a few tips for installing bullnose ceramic tile.

Order Bullnose When You Order Tile

Most of the time, you can get matching bullnose for your tile. They will typically make bullnose at the same time they make the field tile. If you order it when you order your tile, you will be able to get both products from the same dye lot. It will match exactly. If you wait and order the bullnose later, it might seem of a slightly different shade.

Use Tile Spacers

Use tile spacers so that you can get the spacing right. Use the same size spacers that you used for the regular field tile.

Allow Time to Dry

Many installers get in a hurry to finish the job and do not allow enough time for the adhesive to cure. Allow at least 24 hours before you start grouting around the bullnose. Doing so allows plenty of time so that the bullnoses will not move when you grout.